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    Bike Trolley

    2.51 out of 5
    699.00  569.00 
    Bike Gear

    The Bike Trolley is the ultimate urban commuting and adventure gear that enables you to carry your goods faster and travel easier leading to a new dimension of bike experience. Within 30 seconds without using any tool you’re able to transform our trolley into a high-performance bike trailer. The smartest bikepacking solution available on the market.

    Delivery Time: 48hrs

  • Icelandic T-Shirt

    5.00 out of 5

    Sentier Icelandic T-shirts, featuring the big SENTIER logo on the front

    customised with our pictures taken during our last testing trip in Iceland. The SENTIER logo type also on the back of the neck to let everybody behind you know who you are supporting and an exclusive laser etched and cutted Alcantara label to distinguish this custom piece of apparel.

    Delivery Time: 1 week

  • Apparel

    To let people comprehend our vision of adventure we have designed a new line of Silkscreen printed T-shirt with a custom made artwork.

    The Forest Mood line shows how we imagine our nights during the lifetime adventure or a common week-end trail. It’s extremely comfortable and fits any occasion. As we designed it, we hand-printed it for you guys.

    Delivery Time: 1 week

  • Bike Gear

    We designed The Quickest Bag with the idea to have an impressive tool to use daily during our commuting as well as free time activities.

    The custom design Nylon PU coated makes this tool water and abrasion resistant. We decided to let the Sentier Community enjoy this piece of great design as we would like to share our values. This product is PVC free and the materials are locally sourced and processed internally, to assure the best possibile quality for the Sentier Community.

    Delivery Time: 1 week

  • Apparel

    Let’s improve your commuting experience with the Sentier Urban Jungle Cap and its extremely comfortable fit.

    This is the right gear to use under any weather condition and suitable in any opportunity. The custom needlework on the lef-front panel makes it an unique piece of clothing and gives and incredible appeal.

    Delivery Time: 1 week

  • Merino Beanie


    The Merino Beanie is perfect for cold weather and any harsh condition.

    Made with 100% virgin Merino Wool, naturally antibacterial and breathable. Of course locally Made in Italy. Available in True Black and Navy Blue. Sentier logo laser etched on grey Alcantara. Hand sewed with love!

    Delivery Time: 1 week