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Sentier is a design-driven company, we believe that innovative products require time and effort to be developed, our approach is simple but effective and consistent on the results.


Outdoor observation is the first stage, scouting real-life needs and problems to then develop smart and tailored solutions. Shape, forms and colors are well devoped as last stage, they never becomes before the function.


To support and empower our design process we create most of the prototypes in our well developed workshop, we can cut, weld and sew anything or 3D print all the rest we can’t make by hands. Trial and error it’s crucial, fail fast to learn faster.


We love what we design and always feel the urge to hit the road, test new ideas and be back ready to update the design… Thanks to our skilled ambassadors we can get even better and fast feedbacks from their torture rides and tour in the most harsh environments. 


We are located in the technological district held in Rovereto, located in north east Italy it’s a perfect location to be connected with our production and development partners in Italy, while being surrounded and inspired from the Dolomites.