Unsolved Challenges of Cycle Tourism so far

Unsolved Challenges of Cycle Tourism so far

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…and there is not a bad bike travelling day if you get the right gear!

When planning to go into bike touring, the first challenge is choosing exactly the right bike. Aluminium, carbon or steel? Fixed or suspended forks? What’s the best size of wheels? Will the bike be affected by the panniers that I will need to fix on it?

Packing is actually the second trial to resolve. How to take all the stuff you need for your road trip or cycling holidays? While panniers seem a fast solution, that provides easy access to stored things, they are quite uncomfy when carrying them one-by-one into your tent or hotel room. Even more, they can cause broken spokes, particularly in the back wheel, increase tire wear and wind resistance and make your ride unstable.

In the other hand, bike trailers haven’t developed a big advance in the last years. The still haven’t solved the difficulty to bring it on a train, plane or hotel room, or the sorting of your luggage into different parts and small storage, providing an uncomfortable bike experience. Until now…


After some years and tours of research, at Sentier we came up with an innovative progressive bike trailer design to help you reach your destination, quick release your trailer, leave it in the lodge or a safe location and visit the surroundings, even on your own crazy carbon, naked bike masterpiece.

Whereas panniers reduce stability and manoeuvrability, no doubt that the lowered centre of gravity provided by a bike trailer will provide you a neutral cycling experience. From time to time you may find yourself looking back checking whether the trailer is still firmly hooked at your vehicle.

The ability to keep your bicycle in its original weight will let you drive safely, no matter how long is your journey. The wheels will never be stressed by overload so spokes and rims will not be compromised.

While storing bulky, heavy items like camping tools or even the luggage of your travelling fellow, a trailer will be handy for home use as well as touring.

Sentier Adventure Gear will deliver to market a disruptive product that will enhance the experience of bike touring. It gives you the freedom to carry all the luggage while riding your preferred bike, whether a race, city or a mountain bike, clean of rack supports.

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