1300Km of Swedish Wilderness

1300Km of Swedish Wilderness

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When the goal is to create the ultimate bike trailer in the market, time, technology and testing are everything. For months we designed, 3D printed  and messed up with iron and fiberglass, until we came up with a fully functional model. It had steel inserts to fit the mechanical parts and welded metal to hack some bike parts to fit the trailer properly.

The tools we used for prototyping went from mainly evocative simulations and rudimentary acted-out scenarios or improvised props to detailed mock-ups of the system, the environment and the staff.

But usability isn’t something you just can cook up in any one phase of design. It must be developed and refined throughout the entire process. If you want the best end product, you have to anticipate real user scenarios from the prototyping phase. That’s when we decided to make it fun.

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The best part of designing gear for touring is the fact that you need to travel. And cycle. So we got our bikes, we got our trailers, and we head up to the airport. Next flight was to Stockholm, Sweden. A wild scenario to check out how our hardcore prototype would react in real life.e are a bunch of lucky

We are a bunch of lucky people, so and for this occasion, we counted with the unconditional support of Goalzero, CinelliHeimplanet, EVOC and Loopwheel. They provided us not only with the equipment required for this adventure but also with professional tips to make it happen.

10 days and 1300km were ahead us. We designed the perfect route to made a high-intensity test based on a medium-long distance bike trip. All the coordinations were adjusted to the smallest detail and we were ready to ride for more than 100km per day.

But no matter how good you plan, weather is unpredictable. At the arriving constant rain followed us from the assembling part to the first 80kms. Incredibly the water-proof tight worked out and all the electronics gear arrived safe and dry.

The testing was carried with one prototype and two bike trailers of competitors alongside, which lead us to fully evaluate the conceptual designs and make improvements. Safety was one of the most important facts for us. We wanted to make sure the bike trailer isn’t inherently dangerous or dangerous if misused. All possible risks were determinate, as well as how high the odds are and how serious the outcome would be.

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We proudly announce that we won the race. The structure of our Sentier Bike Trailer hold the 1300km, while one our competitors didn’t make it to the end of the trip. It was a complete boost of motivation, satisfaction, and energy for the development of the. And for the team.

Back home, with the evaluation done, we are madly working to improve and ultimate materials, stage, and technological features for a new generation of bike trailers. We are obsessed in every single detail involved, so before heading the assembly line all has to go off without a hitch.

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Bike touring innovation? Glorious.

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