Why Starting Your Own Outdoor Brand

Why Starting Your Own Outdoor Brand

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Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia

If you are addicted to nature as we are, you probably already came up with a couple ideas on how to improve your outdoor activities. Maybe by covering a necessity more efficiently, or by opening a new opportunity to experience the wilderness. But the dream of building your own outdoor brand have crossed your mind more than once.

In our case, the Alps were our home, refuge and play-ground. We grew up in a rural ecosystem where everything is deeply connected and ruled by nature. Learning how to better adapt to its conditions becomes a necessity. The outdoor life offers us unlimited adventures, our way to freedom.

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Day by day, during our time spent in outdoor activities we realized the importance to backup safety with the best quality gear. It is essential to find out what each situation requires in order to fully experience the moment without risks. “In the wild take nothing less, but especially nothing more”.

That is when we found our mission, to provide progressive and reliable gear for us, our friends and all the other outdoor enthusiasts around the world. By mixing our passion for the wilderness with the design and technology knowledge we came up with disruptive exploratory gear ready to be tested.

Said upfront that the prototyping phases can become an extenuating part of the process. You have to be nimble, and smart, and change your strategies on the fly. But it is so well worth it.

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So how to produce your outdoor gear for more than family and friends? Which is the best way to start small? What are the steps needed to upscale?

1| STARTING POINT So you have experienced the power of nature at its deepest. You have got lost in the unknown, facing new horizons, discovering new grounds. You are so connected to nature and the relationship created through open-air activities, that you came up with new ways to improve them. Awesome! Because you are about to bring the outdoor experiences to a higher level for all of us! Stick to it, research and get serious about the details.

2| FINDING SUPPORT Starting a brand can be a lot of risks. You can put a huge amount of money into your idea to find out there is a better way. Get professional advice at an early stage can save you a lot of time and energy. Probably your ready-to-go product is still an early-state-pre-prototype version 1.0 ready for uncountable upgrades. Even more important, you want to face the bureaucratic ecosystem with helpful experienced experts by your side. How should the company be organized? LLC? Proprietorship? Patents? Too many questions. Find yourself a mentor.

3| GETTING OUT THERE  No matter what your outdoor brand offers, your product has only one mission, make others lives better. So spread your product and goals around the world in order to reach as many alike minded people as possible. There is a big probability they are already looking for what you have to offer.

Sentier Adventure Gear is born with the goal to beat boundaries, and fuel new epic outdoor moments to be shared with others, starting from the bicycle industry. Follow us to find the new product that is gonna provide a new dimension in cycle tourism. More coming up soon!

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