Proud to share time and activities with people that have our same values for design, adventure and exploration.

sentier ambassadors
Fabrizio Aghito

Fabrizio is the vice-presindent and head of design of Cinelli, an iconinc Italian brand that always innovate with groundbreaking products in racing and touring bicycles.

Leo and Vero are the founders of Life In Travel, the 6th most important cyclotouring blog. In 2016 they cycled in South Africa for 3.200 km with the Bike Trolley.

sentier ambassadors
Leonardo Corradini and Veronica Rizzoli
sentier ambassadors
Alfio Ghezzi

Michelin starred Chef and deeply interested in mountaineering, adventure and exploration. Alfio is a Hike and Fly athlet with Sentier as partner for the 2017 season and he is one of the first Bike Trolley adopters.

Journalists and adventurers, they explored 4 continents with Overland and now they are travelling across Europe and America with cyclotouring bikes. Sentier is their partner for the next great adventure.

sentier ambassadors
Linda Ronzoni e Silvia Gottardi