Reinvent Your Journey

Reinvent Your Journey

reinvent your journey

Statistics say…

only 5% of biketourers take a flight

Yes, it’s real! Only 5% of those who travel by bike take an airplane because it’s too expensive, difficult and stressful. For this reason tourers are completely losing the opportunity to discover places like…

South Africa - Credits
South Africa – Credits
Monument Valley US - Credits Ruggero Arena
Monument Valley  (US) – Credits: Ruggero Arena

This was the main reason for Sentier to create the Bike Trolley, a breakthrough travel gear that drastically improves bike-tourism opportunities around the world. The product concept is a high performance Bike Trailer that avoids any annoying issue in the storing and travelling process.

Bike Trolley Trailer

The Bike Trolley leads to a new dimension of bike touring: Fly, Rent and Explore!

Take easily your Bike Trolley on any means of transport, it’s a standard size luggage. You can freely decide to use your own bike or rent one at destination. Take the advantage of having your belongings easily prepared and under control at any time wherever you are… in a hotel room, tent or shop!
Now it’s up to you finding new locations or re-discover your favorite ones: Reinvent Your Journey with the Bike Trolley.

See you out there

Sentier Team

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