The Next Big Thing in Bike Touring

The Next Big Thing in Bike Touring

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Have you ever experienced the feeling when discovering a new place by bike? If you have, you probably agree that bike speed during bike touring is like a perfect speed, not too fast not too slow. A perfect rhythm to enjoy kilometers of landscape, nature, cultures, and wildlife. Bike travelling it’s a great mixture of sport, vacation and cultures exploration.

The vision of a bike traveler arriving on the horizon usually creates a deep feeling of empathy in the locals, I’m usually on the bike side so I can feel it really often. Most of the time people are curious about you, your trip and what have you seen day by day. It is a slow tourism option really rewarding in terms of community, locals and self-improvement.

Bike Touring Gear Innovation 2016 Trailer

Of course, travelling by is not quite easy and has prominent downsides. The sum of different amount of gear needed can be a big hassle depending on the trip you are taking and the terrain or journey characteristics.

One of the most used solutions are panniers, side bags usually made out of waterproof material that allow you to load your bike with all you need for you exploration. This option requests tailored supports fixed on you bike and some skills to drive the bike with up to 30 Kilos of load on it!

But there is a better solution. The next level approach it’s to use a bike trailer to be pulled behind your bike. Easier, safer, and more rewarding to your body after 8 hours of cycling. Believe me.

That’s why at Sentier Adventure Gear we decided to dedicate our first product to improve the bike touring experience through a new disruptive model of this trailer.

Bike Trailer Sentier

Sentier Bike Trailer for a Higher Level of Bike Touring

It’s amazing how bicycles and hardware gear has technologically evolved in the last 10 years. So many new materials, hundreds of new designs each year, and thousands of creative minds working in the industry to improve these amazing products.

It is sad though that the industry has seemed to forget one thing. In the last years, the bike trailer hasn’t experienced any significant performance evolution, until now!

We are working on a disruptive design to produce the most innovative and high-tech bike trailer in the market. It is born to help everybody to approach the bike touring in a smarter, easier and safer way.

After a long process and few prototypes, we achieved a Version 1.0 tested during 1.300 Km trip in the wilderness of Sweden land. During those 10 days, we got the chance to prove the reliability and decide all the final features to improve. 

Since that day, and back in our Sentier HQ we are working day by day, close to our right partners, to produce this amazing gear so you can enjoy a higher level of bike holidays this summer.

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