2 Wholesome Meal Prep Ideas For Your Next Bikepacking Trip

2 Wholesome Meal Prep Ideas For Your Next Bikepacking Trip

Have you planned your next backpacking trip already? When on to a new adventure, you need all the energy you can get while always being on the move.

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Food is a great source for this energy and stamina though we don’t want to spend all our time thinking and planning what to eat.

So here are two tried and tested meal-prep recipes that can be quick and perfect to satisfy the hunger pangs on your next bikepacking trip. If you try these out, do let us know how you like them!

1. Couscous Mix

Prep Time: 20 mins
Servings: single

60g – dry instant couscous
Dehydrated veggies (zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and dried onions)
1 teaspoon – couscous spice mix
A pinch of sea salt

1 fork
¼ L ziplock bag

STEP 1 – Stir all the vegetables together and add a pinch of salt.

#ProTip: For the veggies, you can pre-cook them for 2-3 min in a steam cooker or by lightly boiling them and then drying with a kitchen dryer. In case you have a garden of your own or veggies gifted from a friend – it’s totally worth it!

vegetables for meal

Choose the veggies you like the most

STEP 2 – Put the couscous in one bag and then add the dry spice mix. This is an important step to ensure you’ve a consistent amount of seasoning in all the meals.

Want to hear a secret? You can make your own spice mix with some masala curry, coriander, thyme and choice of herbs.

STEP 3 – Now put an equal amount of the mixes prepared in step 1 and 2 in your zip lock bags.

And you’re done! You can take this meal on your exploration.

When you’re ready to eat. Just do this additional step:

STEP 4 – Mix the meal prep items with water to get your final meal ready.

Now onto our next recipe, this one is a personal favourite as it’s very energetic and can be reproduced literally anywhere!

2. Dry-Fruit-Burrito

Prep Time: 5 mins
Servings: single

Burrito Bread (we recommend whole grain for better taste)
Peanut Butter (either crunchy or smooth depending on your taste)
A mix of seeds, nuts, raisin and cranberries
Burrito Bread and Peanut Butter are packaged items you can find and carry anywhere while you can keep a handy mix of seeds and nuts in a ziplock bag with you.

¼ L ziplock bag or plastic wrap reclaimed from the tortillas package

Whenever you’re hungry on your journey, get this meal ready in two easy steps.

STEP 1 – Spread a medium layer of peanut butter on the burrito disc.

STEP 2 – Sprinkle the dried fruits above it and then fold the bread as shown below.

final meal burrito

That’s it. Your perfect burrito is ready to consume.

We are not joking! This recipe comes from the long time spent in the wilderness of three different continents. It’s a simple mix that’s so easy to prepare and really wholesome to consume because:

– Burrito can be found almost anywhere and it stays fresh. It’s slightly wet so it doesn’t dry up like regular bread.
– Peanut butter is salty and consists of fats that provide long-lasting energy and oils for the body.
– Dried fruits and nuts are a great match with both of the above-mentioned ingredients, providing some good sugar to feel ready for the action!

burrito spread

These were our go-to recipes while travelling. We’d love to know what are yours! Share them in the comments or tweet them to us.

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