The Best Bike Touring Itineraries To Welcome Spring

The Best Bike Touring Itineraries To Welcome Spring

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With springtime around the corner, we can not stop daydreaming about all the majestic destinations to discover in the upcoming season. Starting in the next days off during Eastern holidays. The perfect opportunity to open up the cycling season and enjoy a tour in one of the warmest European best bike touring itineraries. Here below you will find our favs selection. Let’s go!

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Top European Bike Touring Itineraries for Short Escapes


With the warmest weather, the Spanish lands provide a rich mosaic of almost anything you ever dreamed. Mountains, endless seaside roads, cozy islands and vast llanuras. If you are looking for training Mallorca is the place to go for! Probably you already heard about La Palma since large part of the pro tour athletes use to take the winter training in this amazing location!! Watch out for the wind! Some days can be more challenging than an Alpine pass. If you are more interested in local culture you should opt then for the nice Granada to Seville route. It’s perfect to be done in three to four days, great landscape, culture and food of course!


The Cote d’Azur in this period is blessed by warm sun chilled by a fresh air typical for the Southern-France seaside. The itinerary we recommend is really rewarding, starting from Cannes, crossing San Tropez, Marseille, the National Parc of Camargue and finally reach Montpellier in just four to five days. It’s an ideal path thanks to the railway network that can take you back to Paris in just a few hours.

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The Southern part of Croatian coast is pretty warm and wild, there would be thousand of kilometers around here! You could even start from Trieste in Italy and across Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania down to Greece… but this is another story we are gonna talk later.

So far we can reveal that you can’t miss the amazing coast between Zadar, Sibenik, and Jasenice. Here you can already take a sunbath on the beach and in just some hours of convenient train visit Zagreb. The city is totally worth a couple days for visiting some of the most interesting museums in Europe.


Our home. Maybe not the warmest itinerary but it’s well worth it. For the beginning of spring, we recommend Tuscany, world famous for the Eroica vintage bicycle race, wines, and its amazing culture and landscapes. The Garda Lake, situated in the north of Italy, has unique weather conditions, with a track between vineyards, lemon trees and olives plantations to be accomplished in a couple of days. Whenever you arrive at Riva del Garda (the northern part of the lake) we pretend you to visit us at our HQ in Rovereto! We are gonna be able to show you our facility and have a ride together. List that!

Are already checking out where to head up first? Write us a comment and we will be happy to share with you more tips and ideas about bike holidays. Always.

Ride Safe and Ride Far!

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